Camping, Glamping, Self Catering and B&B in Malmesbury.

Camping, Glamping, Self Catering  and B&B in Malmesbury.



Welcome to Malmesbury’s very own farm glamping site, set in the top fenced off cornerof a 40 acre field called the worthies.

Sit out on the glamping platforms of each individual wagon, pod or hut. Whether it be in the morning or evening use our blankets and chairs provided to watch our own family of roe deer in the worthies. Plus be watched by the farms inquisitive cows.


A little about me

The farm has been in the Weaver family since 1899 and after travelling and working away from the farm but always living here, I came back to run the farm at 30. I took the decision to diversify and start a campsite 10 years ago, running the dairy farm and beef herd alongside it with my father. Finding the current environment difficult and being unable to carry on the dairy or beef herd myself and with my father retiring from 2015, I had the hardest decision to make which was give the cattle farming up completely. The local farmer grazes his cattle on our fields as a farm isn’t a farm without some animals.

My Glamping ideas started with the Old Shepherds hut, rescuing it from being stuck in 40 years of soil, modifying and restoring it to what you see now. Then each year after adding another wagon to the fleet and so on. Self building 2, buying one wagon and camping pod. The Old Shepherds hut is very sentimental to me as my grandmother used to put the horses harnesses in it when she was a little girl. Running the site by myself and managing the farm with help from my mother who does the ironing and support from my father, also my daughter Isabella and my 2 boys Yogi Bear and ralphie.