Four in a Bed

After several years of being invited to appear on the popular channel four series Four In A Bed, I finally plucked up the courage to leapfrog myself out of my comfort zone and to give me a challenge.

I knew I would be up against it with the other contestants who probably owned bricks and mortar establishments and not used to opening their minds to different experiences. My Glamping is completely unique to me and what I love doing and I don’t follow suit with other Glamping and Camping sites. I wanted to show everyone that these little sheds on wheels are fully self contained and what thought has gone into them to make your stay special and cosy. It isn’t for everyone but it could be if you can open your mind to the experience of trying something different. 

I had the best time during filming, I appeared in series 16 episode 44, and I am very proud of what I achieved.

I hope you enjoy watching.